Having known of GHR for 25 years, I often hired candidates from them but never did I personally use them as a candidate. What an experience, to have someone as a career consultant and give me the insight into various organization. It really helped me sort through all the advertisement. They made looking for a new position easy. Even scheduled my interviews, handled salary conversations, and checked in with me to make sure I loved it! Love GHR as a client and candidate.

Steven T., Practice Administrator

To my surprise, not all recruiters or recruitment firms are the same. GHR cares, they listen, and most importantly they genuinely want to find the right culture/fit for you. They know companies, inside and out. My recruiter recommended I NOT take a job, and explained why he didn’t think it was a good fit for me. But I didn’t listen. Everything he said was accurate, but I didn’t listen. I will never make that mistake again.

Paula C., Nurse

I love being a nurse again, all because someone listened to me vent and understood what I was going through. Glad they encouraged me to go to the interview. It never dawned on me maybe it was my boss and company not the actual job. I love being a nurse again!

Cheryl T., Registered Nurse

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