The GHR Search – How It Works

Our mission is to help you help others. We do that by providing you meaningful work. We can only do that if we understand what “meaningful” means to you. Our hiring approach allows us to do just that. This is our process:

1 Getting to Know You

  • Learning about your skills, training and experience

2 Learning What’s Important to You

  • Discussing your career goals, employment needs and personal values
  • Identifying what you want in your next position, uncovering what matters

3 Discussing New Career Opportunities

  • Using our expertise to provide you with a consultative approach to your job search
  • Introducing you to opportunities that will match your personal and professional goals

4 Supporting Your Decision-Making Process

  • Providing job and district insights to help you make informed choices
  • Giving you honest input to help you evaluate and weigh your options

5 Staying in Touch

  • Helping you get comfortable in your new role
  • Continuing to help you move forward on your career path

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