When you can’t afford a vacancy.

GHR Search provides interim placement for critical positions, particularly management and executive roles where a short-term lack of leadership can have an overall negative impact on your organization.

High-level talent, just in time.

The candidates we offer are experienced, fully vetted and adept at stepping in and providing strong leadership from day one while you conduct a search for a more permanent replacement.

Make an informed hiring decision.

Alternatively, you can offer the role to the interim contractor we have supplied once you’ve witnessed the strength of their performance and impact on the job. It decreases cost and increases odds of a successful hire.

Advantages of interim placement:

  • No leadership gaps
  • Avoid rushing critical talent search
  • Take advantage of just in time fulfillment
  • Bring in high-level individuals without a significant investment

Types of interim professionals we place

  • C-Level Executives
  • VPs
  • NHAs
  • DONs
  • RNACs
  • Nurse Managers
  • Case Management