Frequently Asked Questions

Client FAQ

  • Efficiency – GHR has a database that has been growing, evolving for 25 years
  • Experts – GHR knows healthcare, and healthcare recruitment. We send candidates that fit your jobs.
  • Close ratios – GHR’s proprietary closing methods start with the initial screening call. This process equates to 92% acceptance
  • Confidential seekers/Passive candidates – Passive candidates are some of the best, those that aren’t looking…because they are happy and well regarded at their position. GHR gives you access to that segment of the market.
  • Confidential Openings – wondering if someone out there is better? Considering upgrading … GHR is a trusted confidential source to dip your toe in the labor market.

GHR follows up with clients and candidates weekly so that no one is surprised by anything. However, if for some reason the placement doesn’t fit GHR will replace the candidate.

Those referrals are free of charge, you pay for our referrals only.

Candidate FAQ

  • GHR sends your information to the decision maker, AND provides feedback
  • GHR tells you the good and the bad about a position, manager, floor, department
  • GHR informs you of the “real” salary range
  • GHR will negotiate your offer
  • GHR has done this for 25 years, our network/connections are extensive. You get access to this through us
  • GHR will provide interview prep material to make the absolute best impression possible
  • GHR will advocate for you
  • GHR will provide CONFIDENTIALITY. You don’t want your current employer to see your resume online!
  • GHR will make sure your resume doesn’t end up in the HR black hole.