Brittany is knowledgeable in all aspects of healthcare. I was very impressed with her ability to speak to the nuances of evolving healthcare. Brittany’s ability to advocate for me as a liaison between my future employer and I enabled me to say “yes” to a wonderful opportunity. Brittany is a high-level recruiter with the ability to identify highly qualified candidates in a very competitive market

Amanda Sayles, LSW, LCSW, Director of Nursing

Brittany is the best. She has great customer skills and works fast. By the second day she recruited me I already was at an interview she set up for me and I got the job. Thank you for all your help.

Julia Ramos, Medical Office Admin Assistant

Brittany worked with me to find the perfect employment. She was responsive within a couple of hours of any question I had throughout the entire experience. She was knowledgeable about my industry and she worked hard to find just the right fit.  I highly recommend Brittany to any colleague looking to expand their opportunities and obtain the perfect job. She still checks in with me to this day to check on my progress. Thank you, Brittany, for a job well executed.

Kris Hansen, RN

I was fortunate enough to work with Brittany to secure a wonderful next step in the healthcare field. Brittany was the recruiter working diligently to bring me to my current position. Brittany’s excellent engagement and communication skills allowed me to develop a professional dialogue to take things to the next level. Brittany exudes enthusiasm when recruiting for her clients. Brittany was very responsive to me throughout the entire process. She understood my professional goals and how they aligned with my employer’s needs.

Christine Droney, LSW, LCSW, CT, NCTTP, DRCC, Director of Social Work

I love being a nurse again, all because someone listened to me vent and understood what I was going through. Glad they encouraged me to go to the interview. It never dawned on me maybe it was my boss and company not the actual job. I love being a nurse again!

Cheryl T., Registered Nurse

To my surprise, not all recruiters or recruitment firms are the same. GHR cares, they listen, and most importantly they genuinely want to find the right culture/fit for you. They know companies, inside and out. My recruiter recommended I NOT take a job, and explained why he didn’t think it was a good fit for me. But I didn’t listen. Everything he said was accurate, but I didn’t listen. I will never make that mistake again.

Paula C., Nurse

Having known of GHR for 25 years, I often hired candidates from them but never did I personally use them as a candidate. What an experience, to have someone as a career consultant and give me the insight into various organization. It really helped me sort through all the advertisement. They made looking for a new position easy. Even scheduled my interviews, handled salary conversations, and checked in with me to make sure I loved it! Love GHR as a client and candidate.

Steven T., Practice Administrator

GHR Search has always presented me more than resumes, they provide me the intangibles that help us determine if someone is a cultural fit for the company/department. It is so much more than matching clinical competencies.

Patty D. Regional Director of Ops

For 17 years I have worked with GHR search as a client, and have always been impressed by their attention to detail and thoroughness. Recently I utilized them to secure a new position for myself… WOW. My Search Consultant listened, took time to understand my goals and objectives, offered me incredible insight to the market and ultimately helped me work through much more than the offer. She helped me understand the impact of local taxes, raises, 401k and the contributions, PTO,  and ultimately showed me what things would look like in 5, 10, 15 years. I couldn’t have made the right decision for myself and my family without her perspective/insight/consultation.

Carol T., Chief Nursing Officer

No one wants to ask for help recruiting as I am the director of the  recruitment department.  But when we do, I KNOW that GHR Search will get me candidates that my business partners will approve of. Which ultimate is what we all want, the best candidate. Not just the free one…

Ryan L., Recruitment Manager